Thoughts after LSM2241 Lecture 2

I just gave the lecture this morning, and haven’t yet reviewed student feedback, but I’m expecting it to be worse than the first week. Using other peoples’ slides is almost always a mistake, especially when the slides are so different, stylistically, from my own. In the end, I wound up with 120 slides for 90 minutes of lecture time, which is just not reasonable for how I lecture.

Further, the content was a bit unbalanced for the course. I should have noticed this when I was updating the slides. In keeping with the previous term, the PDB was used as an example database; that would be OK except that we’ll spend some of the last portion of the course discussing structure, so why spend time on the PDB now? Using the PDB as an example now precluded discussion of other equally relevant databases.

I also kept some discussion of database APIs, all of which could have been dropped since the students won’t really have an opportunity to use them in this course.

The outcome was pretty predictable: I rushed through the end of the lecture, and skipped sections that should never have been in the slide deck in the first place. Overall, it was not the lecture I wanted to give.